New research may help clarify why overweight men are more prone to develop type 2 diabetes than overweight women.

As individuals get overweight, their skeletal muscle develops insulin resistance that can prompt sort 2 diabetes. It was found out that distinctions in the movement of a protein in this muscle may make men more inclined to develop diabetes than women.

insulinAt the point when that protein – called PTEN – is dynamic, it keeps insulin from signaling properly in muscle. This diminishes the measure of sugar taken by the muscle and expands the danger of diabetes.

Women’s muscles have proved to be more proficient in killing this protein, which permits insulin to work better and move sugar from circulation to muscles. This protein is the reason why women are at a slightly lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes, regardless of having more body fat content compared to men at a given weight.

This findings may one day lead to the development of new medications to counteract diabetes, as indicated by specialists.