Erectile dysfunction is a disturbing disorder most men may not feel confident talking to anyone about. Many try to hide it from their peers and even spouses opting to let the stress and esteem issues associated with it disturb them in solitude. No matter how much you hide it however, it soon takes a toll on you and the sooner you learn how to cope with it the better. Here are some guidelines to help you out.

Understand what it is

The only way to slay a giant is to understand what it is and take it by the horns. Dealing with erectile dysfunction is no different. Understand that the condition you are suffering from will affect your ability to achieve and/or maintain an erection. This will affect your sexual relations as well as your esteem. There however are available solutions with which you can live and bear with the condition. Once you have been diagnosed with the disease, find out as much information you can about it.

Get recommended medications

Suffering from erectile dysfunction does not mean you are doomed to a sexless life. With the right medication, you can be able to cope ad maintain a healthy relationship. There are many types of pills that you can use to achieve this including Viagra and Cialis. Consult a doctor before making the final decision so you only use what will not harm you.

Manage stress

erectile-dysfunctionStress makes erectile dysfunction worse by affecting the psychological aspects of attaining an erection. When you are stressed, it is impossible to attain an erection even in the normal healthy state. When stress and ED meet, these effects are exaggerated. In order to cope with the condition avoid stress as much as possible. Relax as much as you can and get rid of all that causes you stress. Talk to a counselor when you feel anxious about the condition to avoid being depressed.

Stay intimate

Many men with erectile dysfunction will tend to keep off sexual encounters. This is a very wrong decision and will only make the situation worse. Understand that there is more to sex than just an erection and enjoy all these aspects to the fullest.

Eat healthy and specifically avoid fatty foods

A healthy diet plan is necessary in maintaining a healthy body and this includes all parts including the penile tissue. Foods rich in fats and more so cholesterol will tend to form plaques in blood vessels which cause them to narrow. This narrowing results in reduced blood flow to body tissues which is characteristic of erectile dysfunction. Combine healthy eating with exercises to keep the levels of cholesterol in your blood low.